August 2020


I’m Anne. I’m an AMS-certified Montessori primary (ages 2.9 to 6) lead teacher who worked at a private school in Belmont when Coronavirus hit. I have a master’s in psychology from Harvard and a bachelor’s in human development and family studies.


Please text me at 617 489-2913 if you’d like some support for your preschooler and some time to focus on your work. I’ll explain how I can support you within the bounds of Massachusetts early education regulations.

When Coronavirus hit, I brought what I owned from my classroom home and began filming videos for my students. You can find my videos in the menu bar under “For Children.” Children love me!

I have decided not to take my classroom materials back to work so I can continue filming.

I would love to work with a few Chelmsford-area preschoolers and their families during the pandemic. I would be able to support parents by giving children access to a warm outside adult, a Montessori curriculum that children love, and time for parents to focus on their work while I focus on their children.

Children learn through play and through interacting with each other and stimulating materials in their environments. Right now, children are very isolated. They’re interacting with two-dimensional screens instead of live human beings and three-dimensional objects they can pick up, manipulate, organize and explore.

I don’t believe all this screen time is healthy. Children are resilient, but anything we can do to provide better environments while their brains are developing will have a positive impact on their development and their futures.

I’m a Montessorian because I firmly believe that a Montessori curriculum promotes optimal development. It allows children to play to learn. It fosters initiative, independence and intrinsic motivation. I hate that all my beautiful Montessori materials are sitting in my home without any children to use them.

For better or worse, this isolation and continual interaction with screens will have an impact on children’s development. Future research will tell us what that impact is, but right now, parents need solutions that might mitigate possible harm.

Again, please text me at 617 489-2913 and we’ll set up a time to zoom. Please view my videos for children under the “for children” tab on the menu bar. Children really love interacting wth me.