Another New Week!

Another New Week!

Welcome to another new week! We’re starting to get the hang of this!

(I think…)

We will continue to meet every weekday morning at 10:30 a.m. Login information is found on the “Our Zoom Calls” page under the “My Class” tab on the menu bar. Passwords have not changed.

We will continue to use this time to allow the children to share the work they have done at home. It continues to be my hope that sharing will incentivize them to work and will allow them to feel connected with me and their friends.

Please continue to text me children’s work you would like posted to the website. My number is (617) 489-2913. Children’s work can be found under the “My Class” tab on the menu bar.

I will also continue to post a new video for the children each day after our zoom call. You can find the new video link at the bottom of this page or under the “My Class” tab on the menu bar.


New this Week:

Sign up for the Montessori Language Course

Teach your Child to Read at Home Image

After you peruse the course, we will be able to effectively communicate about your child’s language skills. Let’s plan on meeting one-on-one next week after you’ve had some time to look through the course. And no stress, it’s brief!

This week we will also be beginning to work together on a group project: a book about the experience of staying home from school during the Coronavirus pandemic. We will talk about the book a little during our zoom calls and I will communicate clearly about how each child can participate


Ms. Anne


Today’s New Video

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