Making Collages for Our Book — Start with Setting

Ms. Anne's "town" collage

This collage will become the first page in our book. It will be the illustration for the words, “In the year 2020, the novel Coronavirus came to our town.” So, it’s a picture of a town. The town is the setting. I made an illustration of the cute row of little shops in our town…

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The A-B-C Song with Pizazz!

Ms. Anne singing "aaa"

In Montessori, we learn the sounds of the small letters of the alphabet rather than the names of the capital letters. That’s because the sounds of the small letters are what the children actually use to learn to read. This song will help your children as they use the Montessori Movable Alphabet. The gestures are…

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Here is some artwork we made as a group at school. I notice that most of our lines are straight. Here’s a page from Philip Yenawine’s book: What other kinds of lines can you make? Curved lines? Zigzagged lines? Looped lines? Lines that make shapes?

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