Color and Texture Photos for Collage

Color and Texture Photos for Collage

Your child can use anything to make your collage. One option is printing the colors your child would like to use in his or her illustration. Below are some photos I took that you are welcome to print. Or, take your own photos of colors and textures if you would like!

Wood capital for collage

Wood engraving for collage

Drum side for collage

dragon scales by Hailey for collage

Orange wood grain for collage

chair back for collage

Orange cloth for collage

Green cloth for collage

Wood grain for collage

Radiator for collage

Renior for collage

Manet's daughter's cheek by Renoir for collage

Up close of a Renior for Collage

Up close of a Renior for collage

Painting by Anne for collage

old yellow wallpaper for collage

Marble for collage

Red linen texture for collage

blueish vinyl for collage

small black rocks for collage

Pink string for collage

Blue round dots for collage

Purple and green for collage

Purple and Green for Colalge

Red Tulips for Collage

small green pine needles for collage

Red Tulip for collage

Fuzzy reds and yellows of tulip for collage

Pink Tulip for Collage

Red and Yellow Tulip for Collage

Purple flowers for collage

Twisty Branches

Red leaves and sky

Light Green Bush

Granite Cobblestones


white lines

Dry Christmas Tree


Yellow Flowers

Log Cross-section

White Bark


Darker Bark

leaf pattern





Bark and moss

dry leaves

leaves and sky reflection

grass reflection

black on bark


Brown Bark Underneath


Pink and Green