I Hope You’re Hanging In There

I Hope You’re Hanging In There

Hello Parents!

I hope you’re hanging in there.

This week, I’d like to offer a parents’ support group on Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. The format will be similar to the format of the children’s calls except this time you can come with any thoughts, questions or concerns you may have. Parents can offer each other support and I will be there to offer any insight or help I may (or may not) have. You are definitely charting new territory here.

To join the calls, go to the “Our Zoom Calls” page under the “My Class” tab on the menu bar. The password to get to the “Our Zoom Calls” page is the same password I sent you via email a couple weeks ago. That will be the password to all the protected pages our class needs to access on this website. Meeting ID’s can be found on the “Our Zoom Calls” page.

I am continuing to work on online parenting classes which will be available to you soon.

Also, this week, you may text me to schedule a one-on-one conference to talk about the “Teach Your Child to Read at Home” course and where your child is in regards to language development. Or, if you have decided not to work on reading skills right now (which is more than fine!) and you have something else you’d like to talk about, you can schedule a call all the same.

My phone number is 617 489-2913.

Our class has an important (and late!) birthday celebration coming up this week. More information is available under “Birthday Celebrations” under the “My Class” tab on the menu bar.

We will continue to move forward on our class book this week.

I will continue to post a new video your child after each zoom call. You can find that video at the link below, or under “Today’s New Video” under the “My Class” tab on the menu bar.

That’s about it! Hang in there…. you can do this.

Sign up for the Montessori Language Course

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