Making Collages for Our Book — Start with Setting

Making Collages for Our Book — Start with Setting

This collage will become the first page in our book. It will be the illustration for the words, “In the year 2020, the novel Coronavirus came to our town.”

So, it’s a picture of a town. The town is the setting. I made an illustration of the cute row of little shops in our town center — right next to our school.

I used collage to make the illustration.

Do you remember what setting is? You can watch this video to remind yourself.

When you illustrate your page for the book, you will illustrate the setting first.

[Parents: right now we are ONLY illustrating the setting. We will illustrate the people later and then use collage to put them on top of the setting.]

What is the setting of your page? View our setting plan.

In the video, I use some tissue paper that is printed with Eric Carle paintings. You can buy your own Eric Carle tissue paper (Amazon link) if you’d like. I’d recommend buying used considering the ridiculous price of the new ones. It looks like they’ve become collector’s items.

Photo of Eric Carle Tissue Paper Collage Book

You can also print papers from our class collage paper collection and use them in your illustration. If you have any artwork you would like me to add to our collection, please text the artwork to me at 617 489-2913.

Here is a video of Eric Carle reading his most famous book The Very Hungry Caterpillar:

And here is a video that will tell you more about Eric Carle:

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