May 18, 2020

May 18, 2020

You know the routine!

It’s time to schedule summer birthday celebrations. Let’s talk if your child has a summer birthday.

My first parenting course is finally ready! It’s called “Control the Environment — Not the Child: The Secret to Highly Successful Parenting.” Hopefully I’ve developed enough tech skills that the next installments will come much faster. Register for FREE now! Teachable has an app that will allow you to play the short modules on your phone in your spare time.

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Our class is writing a book. We are the authors and the illustrators.

Right now, we are illustrating the setting ONLY. We are not illustrating the people yet. We will illustrate the people later and then glue them on top of the setting.

Ms. Anne's "town" collage

Learn how your child can use collage to create an illustration of the setting for your child’s page.

Learn what setting your child will be illustrating.

The children can use anything they want to make the collage. Some of your options are:

  1. Using paper you already have around the house
  2. Painting tissue paper of your own
  3. Using pre-printed tissue paper by Eric Carle (Amazon link) — buy used
  4. Printing the artwork our class has collected online
  5. Printing some of the photos I took
  6. Taking photos of your own and printing them
  7. Using magazines you have around the house
  8. Using anything else

When your child finishes illustrating your child’s setting, please text me a photo of it at 617 489-2913 and I will put it on our book page so that we can all see our book come together.



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