Welcome to My Children’s House

Welcome to My Children’s House

Welcome to my Children’s House!

This is Ms. Anne. And this is a picture of my house! It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I live a little farther away from Boston than you do, so that means there is more space for bigger houses!

I filmed some videos of me in my kitchen. The videos are of me reading some poetry for children. You can watch the videos if you want. That way you can see me even while we’re not at school.

You can watch the poetry videos right here.

And you can watch me read some of our favorite books right here.

And below is a video of me singing “Good Morning Birds” in the Montessori school in my home. I hope you like the video. I miss singing with you every day.

You can see some of the materials from our classroom in the video. I moved them to my house when I knew I wouldn’t be able to go to school anymore.

We can’t go to school right now because the United States (that’s our country) is trying to keep everybody’s germs apart. Remember all those times I asked you to wash your hands when you didn’t do anything besides touch your face? It was such a pain. You were probably thinking, “Why is Ms. Anne asking me to wash my hands AGAIN?!?”

When you touch your mouth, nose and eyes, you get your germs on your hands. And sometimes putting your fingers in your mouth, nose and eyes can put other people’s germs inside of you.

Germs are very little. They’re so small that you can’t even see them! Sometimes they’re on your fingers or on the Montessori materials and you don’t know they’re there because they’re too small to see.

Right now, the adults are all trying to keep everybody’s germs separate because right now, sharing germs could hurt some people. There is a germ called a “novel virus” spreading from one person to another person all over the world and all the adults are trying to stop it. You’ve probably heard adults talk about it. It’s called “Coronavirus.”

For right now, that means we need to stay home. We need to be in separate places to keep that little Coronavirus germ from getting into more people’s bodies when people put their hands in their mouths, noses and eyes. Your mom and dad are probably telling you that you can’t play with your friends, either. That’s because we want to keep your germs with your family and your friends’ germs with their families. We don’t get together so that we won’t spread the germs.

But you can still see me online. Right here at this website. I hope you like the silly poetry, the books and all the videos!

I will post more soon…… please come back.

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